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Health Surveillance

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Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance is part of an integrated range of measures directed at controlling hazardous substances to ensure the health and safety of people at work.

The primary tool to prevent work-related illness should be prevention in the form of occupational health risk management. But, even in the best situations, work-related illness occurs. By detecting more sensitive individuals early, Occupational Health Surveillance may also protect other workers from developing the same disease through better control of health risks in the workplace.

OSHGroup provides a quality Health Surveillance program using a variety of both objective and subjective measures. This helps to establish a baseline of health and identify individuals who may be at risk to develop health concerns as a result of repeated exposure.

Once these risks have been identified an occupational specialist will provide the company with a management plan outlining future measure recommended to mitigate risk.

OSHGroup provides a tailored Health Surveillance programs to suit client’s needs. Current examples of this are OSHGroup’s creation and implementing of a medical assessment framework for the express purpose of supporting a smoking exemption in an enclosed public space. An exemption was granted by the Minister for Health and OSHGroup continues to undertake periodic assessment and advice in order to maintain the Ministerial exemption. OSH Group’s Dr Euan Thompson was also instrumental in the design and delivery of web-based health promotion programs on the Technip diving vessels. He has also been involved in the trialing and rolling-out of near-patient remote monitoring systems (the Vital-link) for real-time multimodality monitoring within a dive chamber or bell.

Health Surveillance